Sometimes, especially as a freelancer, you don't need a full-service book-keeping firm. You keep reasonable records, you consider yourself a form-filling guru, and you can do without the extra bill at the end of the month.

Yet self-assessment is not without its pitfalls - and potentially costly, given HMRC's fines system. We can help with checking forms pre-submission, advice on particular fields, using the online system or helping to give you a nudge before major deadlines.

We don't stop at self assessment though. Think there was a bank charge in error? We can help. Wondering which bank is best for your needs, or provides the best rates for your circumstances? Ask us. Need expert management tips, or help in buying a business or franchise? We have first-hand experience. We can even give you advice on web-site design and help you weigh the pros and cons of a mobile web presence.

We have over 15 years commercial expertise, contact us today.